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Novel Laskar Pelangi ini adalah salah contoh Koleksi populer dari karya-karya Andrean Hierata. Saya mempubliskan Resensi Laskar Pelangi dalam bahasa Inggris, karena banyak juga yang membutuhkannya.

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Berikut ini contoh Resensi Novel Laskar Pelangi dalam Bahasa Inggris.

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Book Title: Laskar Pelangi
Author: Andrea Hirata
Indonesian country
Genre: Roman
Publisher: Yogyakarta: Bentang Pustaka
Date of issue: 2005
Pages: xxxiv, 529 pages
ISBN: ISBN 979-3062-79-7


Figure 1 Andrea Hierata
Laskar Pelangi is the first novel by Andrea Hirata published by Bentang Pustaka in 2005. This novel tells about the life of 10 children from poor families who attend school (elementary and junior high) at a Muhammadiyah school in Belitong island full of limitations. They are:
1) Curls
2) Latitude; Latitude Ocean Basara bin Syahbani Maulana Basara
3) Saharan; N.A. Sahara Aulia Fadillah binti K.A. Muslim Ramdhani Fadillah
4) Mahar; Mahar Ahlan bin Jumadi Ahlan bin Zubair bin Awam
5) A Kiong, Muhammad Jundullah Gufron Nur Zaman
6) Syahdan; Syahdan Noor Aziz bin Syahari Noor Aziz
7) Kucai; Mukharam Kucai Khairani
8) Borek aka Samson
9) Trapani; Trapani Ihsan Jamari bin Zainuddin Ilham Jamari
10) Aaron; Aaron Ardhli Ramadhan bin Syamsul Hazana Ramadan
They go to school and study in the same class from grade 1 to grade 3, and call themselves Laskar Pelangi. At the end of the story, members of Laskar Pelangi added one daughter named Flo, a transfer student. 

Limitations do not make them despair, but instead make them encouraged to do something better.
Laskar Pelangi is the first book of Tetralogy of Laskar Pelangi. The next book is The Dreamer, Edensor and Maryamah Karpov. The Laskar Pelangi script has been adapted into a movie titled the same as his book. The Laskar Pelangi film will be produced by Miles Films and Mizan Productions, and directed by Riri Riza.
Laskar Pelangi is the first work of Andrea Hirata. This book soon became the Best Seller that we now know as Indonesia's best-selling literary book in history.


The story takes place in Gantung village, Gantung District, East Belitung. Started when Muhammadiyah school threatened to be dissolved by Depdikbud Sumsel if not reaching new students number of 10 children. Only 9 children attended the opening ceremony, but just when Mr. Harfan, the headmaster, was about to address the school, Aaron and his mother came to enroll in the little school.
From where began their story. Starting from the seating placement, meeting them with Mr. 

Harfan, their wonderful introduction to A Kiong who even grinned when asked by their teacher, Bu Mus. The stupid phenomenon of Borek, the election of the class president who was strongly protested by Kucai, the incident of Mahar's extraordinary talent, Ikal's first love experience, to the stakes of Latitude life riding a bicycle 80km back from his home to school!
They, Laskar Pelangi - the name given by Mrs. Muslimah to their enjoyment of the rainbow - could have made the name of the school in many ways. For example, Mahar's revenge is always cornered by his friends because of his fun at the occult which led to a sweet victory at the carnival of 17 August, and the incredible genius of Latitude that challenged and defeated Drs. Zulfikar, a well-qualified schoolteacher of the famous PN school, won a meticulous race. 

Laskar Pelangi wading through the days of fun, laughing and crying together. The story of the ten herds ended with the death of Lintang's father who forced the little Einstein to drop out of school very heartily, and continued with what happened 12 years later in which Ikal struggled outside Belitong island back to his village. This beautiful story is summarized with a hilarious and moving by Andrea Hirata, we can even feel the spirit of childhood ten members of this Laskar Pelangi!

The characters that appear in Laskar Pelangi: Laskar Pelangi
Ikal: The 'I' figure in this story. Ikal who always ranked second has a friend sebangku named Latitude, who is the smartest child in Laskar Pelangi. He is interested in literature, visible from his daily life who love to write poetry. He liked A Ling, a cousin of A Kiong, whom he met first at a grocery store called Toko Sinar Harapan. In the end their relationship was forced to end by the distance due to A Ling's departure to Jakarta to accompany his aunt.

Latitude: An enchanting friend of Ikal who is extraordinarily genius. His father worked as a poor fisherman who did not own a boat and had to bear the lives of 14 family members. Latitude has shown great interest to attend school since the first day of school. He is always active in the class and has the ideals as a mathematician. Though he was extraordinarily clever, this curly red-headed little man once mistakenly brought his school equipment. His dream was to be abandoned so he could work to pay for his family's life since his father's death.

Sahara: The only girl in Laskar Pelangi member. Sahara is a stubborn, strong-minded girl who is very obedient to religion. She is a friendly and intelligent girl, she is good to anyone except to A Kiong who, since they enter school, she has been soaked with water in her thermos.
Mahar: This handsome, skinny man has great talent and interest in art. It was first discovered when Mrs. Muslimah accidentally pointed her to sing in front of the class during sound art lessons. Men who love this occult often cornered his friends. As an adult, Mahar had idle waiting for his fate greeted him because he could not go anywhere because his mother is sickly. However, the good fortune greeted him and he was invited by a high-ranking official to make a documentation of a traditional child's play after reading an article he wrote in a magazine, and finally he succeeded in launching a novel about friendship.

A Kiong: Hokian Son. This Chinese descendant is a true follower of the Mahar from the first grade. For him Mahar is the great temperature. Despite this ugly-faced little man, he had a high sense of friendship and kindness, and was helpful to anyone except the Sahara. However, although they always quarrel, it turns out they both love each other.

Syahdan: This cheerful fishing boy never stands out. If there's anything he's definitely the least noticed. For example, when playing plays, Syahdan only found to be a fan of women's fans and even then there are many mistakes. Syahdan is witness to Ikal's first love, he and Ikal are in charge of buying chalk at Sinar Harapan Store since Ikal fell in love with A Ling. Syahdan and it turns out to have ideals that have never imagined by other Laskar Pelangi that is becoming an actor. By working hard at the end she becomes a real actor even if she only gets a small role like tuyul or jin ... After she gets bored, she leaves and a computer course. Afterwards, he succeeded in becoming a network designer.

Kucai: class leader throughout the Laskar Pelangi school generation. He suffers from nearsightedness because of malnutrition and his vision goes off 20 degrees, so that if he gazes angrily at Borek, he will see he is watching Trapani. This man since childhood can be seen as a politician and eventually realized when he grew up to become chairman of the faction in Parliament Belitong.
Borek: A big man of muscle maniacs. Borek always keeps his image as a macho man. As an adult he became a coolie in a shop owned by A Kiong and Sahara.

Trapani: This smart and good-looking gentleman loves his mother very much. Whatever he does must always be accompanied by his mother, as for example when they will appear as a band commanded by Mahar, he would not appear if not watched his mother. The man who aspired to become this teacher finally ended up in a mental hospital because of his dependence on his mother.

Aaron: This mentally retarded man started elementary school when he was 15 years old. This humorous man always tells about his three-month-old cat and gave birth to three children who each had a third batch on the 3rd to the Sahara and was happy to ask when Lebaran's holiday to Bu Muslimah. He deposited three pieces of soy sauce when told to collect sixth grade artwork.

Other Characters

1) Bu Muslimah: Named complete N.A. Hafsari Hamid binti K.A. Abdul Hamid. She is the Teacher's Mother to Laskar Pelangi. This gentle lady is the first teacher of Laskar Pelangi and is the most valuable teacher to them.
2) Mr. Harfan: The full name of K.A. Harfan Efendy Noor bin K.A. Fadillah Zein Noor. Headmaster of the Muhammadiyah school. He was a very kind person and patient even though his early students were afraid to see him.
3) Flo: The original name is Floriana, a tomboy boy from a wealthy family. He was a transfer student from a wealthy PN school as well as the last figure to emerge as part of the rainbow troop. At the beginning of school, he made a mess by taking over Trapani's seat so poor Trapani was forced to evict. He did so with the excuse of wanting to sit next to Mahar and not to argue.
4) A Ling: Ikal's first love is A Kiong's cousin. A beautiful and firm Ling was forced to part with Ikal for having to accompany his aunt who lives alone.


The disadvantage is the use of scientific names in the stories. This makes the reader less comfortable in reading. Moreover, the glossary is placed on the back of the novel. This adds to the impracticality of understanding these terms. In addition, the reader's imagination can be hampered if they do not understand the terms.

The plot is not clear. Unlike Harry Potter or Ayat-Ayat Cinta with a nice flow followed, the stories in Laskar Pelangi are timed back and forth to confuse the reader. Moreover, no mention of what year each event occurred.


The merits of this book is about the friendship and loyalty of the herd that closely and also includes the importance of education so deeply. And his touching story.


From this novel created by Andre Hirata, I can take some important life lessons, one of which we must truly appreciate life, appreciate all God's giving, never give up if want something, and nothing is impossible provided we want and try. And another, clever does not guarantee us to always be successful, like the story of a latter, he's a smart kid, but at the end of the story he became a truck driver, here I can conclude, that all human life already exists that set it, that is God. Everything we do can not be separated from God's intervention.


Here are some suggestions from me, the use of scientific names is reduced, so that readers are comfortable in reading and understanding its meaning and mentioning the year in each event that happened so as not to make readers confused with the plot.

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