Tentang Kabar Jayaloka

Kabarjayaloka.id is an Education and News website, developed to provide Educative, Inspiring and Educational Imformations. On this Site also provided various Examples of Writing. Like Examples of Papers, Education and Business Proposals, Important Letters or Village Documents, Examples of Novel's Resentions or Books in Indonesian Literature.

This Kabarjayaloka.id website was founded and developed by Alek Sander (Site Owner) who is a Student from the Computer Science Faculty UNSRI. The background in the establishment of this blog site is, because it occurred to build the site of the child Jayaloka. Jayaloka itself is a sub-district, located in Musi Rawas district.

Lack of Imformation there, especially in the Internet world. This is the main basis, for an Alek Sander build his own Blog site. Although the site is self-managed, but because of the spirit to write. Jayaloka news continues to progress.

Hope as a Site Owner, that this site can help my village community to gain wider Access to Imformation.